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Rosacea Safe Skincare

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Vaseline certainly has its place in the world, but recently I’ve been seeing a lot of “petrochemical-free” products, and I wanted to dive deeper into this trend.

I’ve been using Vaseline since I was a little girl with severely chapped hands and lips. It worked miracles on my hands and was the only thing that wouldn’t make them sting. Vaseline certainly has its place in the world, but recently I’ve been seeing a lot of “petrochemical-free” products, and I wanted to share more about them.

Products such as petroleum jelly and mineral oil are byproducts of petroleum (gasoline) refinement. It’s true they come from petroleum, but they are highly refined and are considered “safe” for use on our skin and even in our food products. On the upside, they don’t cause irritation to the vast majority of the population, don’t spoil, and are used by surgeons after closing up stitches. They provide a waterproof barrier to chapped or chafed skin to allow skin to heal beneath the barrier. As I said, they definitely have their place in the world.

My issue with petrochemical products is that they are used far too frequently as a base or additive for cosmetic moisturizers. They are abundant and cheap, can easily add substance to a moisturizer. Basically, they are added to your skincare as a filler, to make you think you are buying more product than you are. In my opinion, these products should never be used on fragile facial skin which has acne, rosacea, or other sensitivities. They will only aggravate your skin further and prevent it from breathing- basically they would trap any bacteria or irritants into your skin. Even though your skin might initially feel soft, the product won’t be absorbed into your skin, (the molecular structure of petrochemical products is too large to be absorbed by the skin) and the product can actually draw moisture out of your skin.

With so many fantastic, plant-based moisturizers out there full of antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories, is it surprising that major brands like CereVe and Cetaphil continue to use petrochemicals? No. Petrochemicals are very inexpensive and as long as dermatologists continue to promote these brands, rosacea and acne sufferers will continue to use them, not knowing that there are so many other beneficial options out there.

Since learning about petrochemicals and toxins in general, I have switched all my skincare products to clean brands, which are free of petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, colors, fragrance, or dyes. Most clean brands are hypoallergenic, plant based, nonGMO, vegan, and cruelty free. These brands often do NOT advertise and rather spend money on the quality of the ingredients and third-party testing over fancy marketing campaigns. I’ve found that my bottles actually last a lot longer because less product is needed, since there are no fillers or petrochemicals to “bulk” up the product.

For rosacea skin, I would suggest a high-quality probiotic moisturizer which does not have petrochemicals. This does not mean buying a store-bought moisturizer with “Now with Probiotics!” listed on the label! These “beauty” companies spend more money on their advertising campaigns than on the actual product. It means spending a little more money upfront on a quality moisturizer that is not full of chemicals and will actually heal your skin with regular use. For more information on my top recommended brands for skincare, join my 6 week course, The Rosacea Method.

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Hailey Withers
Hailey Withers
21. 2. 2022

Hi, I am very interested in knowing some of the products you use. I saw you said to use a probiotic moisturizer but when you say to find something with little marketing and advertising, I don't know where to look! Could you provide some product lines or links on how to acquire high quality skin care, that's clean from all of the above nasties and is nourishing for someone with rosacea? 😘 I would be so grateful!

To se mi líbí
26. 8. 2022
Reakce na

Check out Biossance! Their probiotic moisturizer is amazing. They have great ratings according to

To se mi líbí
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