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My Story


My rosacea was slowly worsening and had gone from a general redness (Subtype I) to papules and pustules (Subtype II). Every day I would wake up and look in the mirror, not knowing what to expect. Most days it looked inflamed, puffy and bumpy, and I had to wear foundation to cover it up, which would leave it dry and flaking by the end of the day. My cheeks started to feel like sandpaper and my temples had enlarged pores which would become very sore and then peel. What was worse was that I’d have to use cleanser at night to remove the foundation, which would set me up for a worse day the next day. I started to develop perioral dermatitis (thanks to a prescribed steroid cream which I later learned was not supposed to be applied to your face.) I was even starting to notice seborrheic dermatitis. The more prescriptions I used, the worse things got. I started to think my face had a life all its own. The breaking point came when I walked up to the reception area at my office, with a waiting room full of patients. One of the secretaries looked at me and barked in a very loud voice, “Doctor, what’s wrong with your FACE?” I was mortified. I ran to the bathroom and my already red puffy face was covered with darker red marks, almost like little bites. There was no rhyme or reason to when this would occur. I guess I should have worn foundation that day!! After that, I was determined to find an answer. Not a treatment, but a solution.


- Dr. Tara O'Desky



I know this. I know this with every fiber of my being. I am a chiropractor and my background is in nutrition and holistic healing.


So it was time to dig deep, and once and for all figure out what was causing my rosacea. After all, rosacea is NOT a skin condition. It is a systemic inflammatory condition that can present in many ways; for me, it presented on my face, as rosacea.

Citrus Fruits



I decided to dive in to the research and learn everything I possibly could about skin, the gut, food sensitivities and chronic inflammation. What I discovered was astounding; almost every chronic inflammatory skin condition can be directly related to systemic inflammation, which is usually the result of an undiagnosed food sensitivity, environmental toxin or even chemical exposure.

Changing my diet would be essential; even though I'd halfheartedly tried food eliminations, it was never for more than a few weeks and never seemed to help my skin. This time would be different. I became neurotic about ingredient labels and basically decided to only eat real food, for a solid month. No boxed food, no canned food, no frozen food... if I didn't make it myself, it wasn't going in my body. 

I began to take account for the prolonged toxic exposure I'd had throughout my life: mold, dry cleaning chemicals, smoke, formaldehyde, and mercury. Could this too be significant? The more I learned, the more it became clear: how could it NOT be significant?

After 4 months of intentional eating, environmental changes, and emotional healing, my skin looked brand new again. Gone were the pustules, sandpaper feel, orange peel texture, red marks and even spider veins. I was so dumbfounded that I felt the NEED to share what I'd learned. Afterall, I couldn't possibly be the only one who would benefit from these changes. The world needed to know this. And I developed The Rosacea Method.  


"I’m 16 days into my cleanse and finally starting to feel really good. My energy is at an all time high and my brain fog is going. Wow I can’t believe the sate my body was in, thinking that was a normal feeling."


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