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The Rosacea Method is a wealth of knowledge that no doctor or dermatologist ever tells you. Dr. Tara O'Desky’s knowledge is outstanding. Not only do you get the program, but you also receive unlimited support from the Facebook group. Best money ever spent! --Danielle H. January 2023


I would recommend this course because its information can help you to understand the real root of rosacea. I had been looking for answers and effective advice for years, and now I finally got it. --DRN. January 2023


I tried everything, and nothing seemed to work. Eventually my rosacea got so bad that I didn’t want to even look at myself in the mirror. I’ve done the rosacea method for 3 months now, and I’m not afraid to look at my skin anymore. It’s taken time to get where I am, and I know that the healing has just begun, but it has been worth it. Healing begins on the inside and moves out. Not only is my skin healing, but so is my body. My concentration is improving, my mood is stabilizing, and my menstrual cycle is becoming normal. This method doesn’t just heal your skin, but your whole body. It’s well worth the money that would’ve been spent on doctor visits and prescription drugs. –Katelyn S. January 2023


I would say that this is one of the most well detailed and organized programs to follow. All you need is to be brave and persistent and skin changes will manifest! --Amy. January 2023


This program really does cover ALL the areas that can cause rosacea, so it's been the most helpful tool in my healing. I'm only halfway through, but I do notice a difference in my redness, and I can now see what triggers flares. This has taught me about things I didn't know about my body, skin, emotions, so I'm really happy so far! --Kelly, February 2023


I saw incredible results within 4 weeks. –Sara, February 2023


This is the solution you’ve been looking for. --Emilie V. February 2023


My skin and gut have been completely transformed. I can now go through day-to-day activities feeling confident and healthy. –Abby A. February 2023


It’s more than just healing your rosacea; this program helps your overall health while working towards healing your rosacea. –Nicole, February 2023


There is so much hope!! You won’t regret it. You’ll be so well looked after and guided by Tara and her team. --Johanna, February 2023


While this program is specifically geared towards people with rosacea, it's actually great for anyone who wants to have a healthier life! --Aubrey J. March 2023


Dr. Tara is the best. She’s the only one who goes for root cause. –Emy D. March 2023


Since I stopped eating gluten and switched to organic food, my cheeks have stopped burning. Before that, they would burn every single day since 2020. I was desperate to found out why this was happening to me. I never knew that rosacea can be connected to the liver, spleen and other organs. The emotional component the workshop taught me was also helpful in so many ways. --Tatjana F. March 2023


This course has changed my skin so much. I now feel like I can look at myself in the mirror without putting myself down. I understand now that rosacea is more than just a skin condition, and that it is so important to love myself, with or without rosacea. I feel like I can continue to heal, and I know that either way I can be thankful that rosacea has taught me so much about myself. I am on an amazing, beautiful, and sometimes messy journey of self-discovery, and I am learning to listen to my body, appreciate my body and love myself again. 🥰 Thank you, Dr. Tara, for all that you have done for me. This experience has been life changing for me! Xo –Caitlin C. March 2023


I am so impressed by both Dr. Tara and Kristen. The two of you run a very informative group program that is both supportive and respectful, and you teach concepts in a way that is very digestible. –Katie R. March 2023


Not only is my skin FINALLY healing after just 3 weeks, but I have also lost 8 pounds! --Jocelyn, March 2023


This program doesn't just cater to skin health alone but to whole body health, so if you want an entire body cleanse that will bring clearer skin and more energy, go for it! I'm still going through the program, but this is a lifelong change for me now. I also love the community aspect of this program! It’s so important to be surrounded by people in the same boat as you. –Nikita, April 2023


This program is so informational and such a shift in mindset. Now I can better understand holistic health and the connection between all our systems. –Anonymous, April 2023


The Facebook group that’s part of this program was a huge support for me personally. Just reading others’ stories gave me more hope and motivation to stay on this road. –Gerda V. April 2023


This program has given me the knowledge and confidence to help me heal my rosacea. I knew some of the information going in, but I didn’t know how to implement all of it properly. The week-by-week instructions and recipes were exactly what I needed to really get to the root of my rosacea. –Jen H. April 2023


I’ve seen a huge improvement in my gut health with this program. Previously, my bowels moved very slowly, but since starting the program, I move them every day, and I feel so much better. –Lisa, May 2023


The course had good information for understanding the many things that may be causing or contributing to Rosacea. It provides education and direction for lifestyle changes that will positively affect and heal the skin. –Amy C. May 2023


I've only been in the program for three weeks, but I've already seen an improvement in the redness of my skin. There have been a few nights where I can see my "normal" skin color on my nose, which I haven't seen in several years. Aside from my skin improvement, my bowel issues have also greatly improved. This program has also given me permission to safely eat so many foods that I previously cut out of my diet. –Emily M. May 2023


You will get better! Just trust that your body has the ability to heal, and you are not alone. The money I spent on this program is absolutely worth it. It’s not an easy journey but having a group like this that supports me is incredible. –Razelle, June 2023


Just yesterday I shared your program with a friend. I told her I had researched rosacea before going to a dermatologist, and I found your program. I now know it’s a gut issue rather than a skin issue. My new dairy intolerance developed after pregnancy, and then rosacea appeared… it all makes sense. I’ve seen great progress in the first 30 days and plan to keep going until full healing is achieved! –Kate S. July 2023


I had systemic inflammation, and Dr. Tara’s course cured my symptoms! Dr. Tara is very active online and answers questions promptly. I am very impressed. –Anonymous, July 2023


Thank you very much! I am grateful for you sharing your knowledge and helping, when others basically said there was no hope. –Sara T. July 2023


Rosacea is an external symptom of an internal problem, don't give up faith you can heal. Great wakeup call!

–Anonymous, July 2023


It’s only been 5 weeks, but I believe now I can put it all into remission. Just so grateful for your knowledge and that you were able to turn your pain into purpose. –Gretchen, August 2023


I’m just beginning this process and I’m already seeing some changes. This type of healing is needed for everyone in today's society, not just those with skin issues! The resources you provided are exceptional. –Ashley M. August 2023


This program explores every avenue of getting to the root cause. Others I’ve tried in the past only covered a fraction, but you get everything here. Best money spent. Just so grateful I found you. Now I can integrate these habits for life. –Gretchen K. August 2023


This is a great way to heal from the inside out. –Julie G. August 2023


This program helped me gain my confidence back. It’s a great road map to help get your health on track, not just nutrition, but mind, soul, and physical body. I've lost 15lbs and look amazing. I've worked out nearly daily, and I haven't seen my body this toned in years. I'm seeing so much progress with my general health. Constipation is gone, I am no longer taking anti-inflammatories, I no longer reach for pain pills immediately with a headache. My mindset has really changed, and my flares recover faster, and my dandruff and dry spots I had on my legs for several years have also resolved. The recommendations are fantastic, and I’m willing to spend the money for my health! –Jacqueline A. August 2023


This course has the answers. Conventional medicine was not listening to me regarding my rosacea. Do not go down that path. Heal yourself! --Cat A. August 2023


I learned a lot about my condition. The content was very easy to follow and to implement, and the support was great from the get-go. I'm very grateful for these teachings and the comprehensive knowledge included. Thank you! –Shannon, August 2023


Skin issues are not enjoyable, and it’s helpful to know you’re not alone, and there are others in this journey right alongside you. I’ve become a big fan of the Arbonne supplements! They have become part of my routine and have helped me shed some pounds, too :) Thank you! –Brittney D. August 2023


This program is life changing! If you’re ready take the leap YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!! Also know that progress is not linear. Remember to look at your growth overall! I am thankful every day that I found Dr. Tara!! --Mallory Y. August 2023


I’m nearly through the 30-day cleanse, and already I feel it’s been worth the investment. I finally feel like I know what to do to help my skin heal - thank you, Dr. Tara. And the support is amazing! So much love! I really recommend! It is totally changing the way I think about nutrition and energy, and it’s changing my relationship with food. –Samantha W. August 2023


YOU CAN REVERSE YOUR ROSACEA!!!! You cannot, however, do it with antibiotics, lasers, micro needling, or harsh skin care! Dr. Tara's bucket analogy sums up rosacea so beautifully, and I can confirm that it is not caused by just one thing (i.e., diet, moisturizer, caffeine). This program is a subtle lifestyle shift that is EASY and manageable. It may feel like a lot of steps in the beginning, but truly it's all very attainable in terms of change. I am truly thankful for this program. –Amanda B. September 2023


The Rosacea method has helped me in more ways than just my skin, it’s educated me on the bigger picture, and I feel more knowledgeable about how to take care of myself and my family. I feel better overall--more energy, clear head, better digestive system. I also love the community support and how responsive Dr Tara is!! –Erin O. October 2023


Conventional medicine/treatment can be frustrating and expensive. Adopting The Rosacea Method as a lifestyle change will not only help with your rosacea, but your overall health and wellness. The course makes you to think outside of the box. –Lindsay D. October 2023


The healthy lifestyle alone makes doing this program worth it. Not only have I benefited from it, but my children and my husband have as well. Also, the HOPE that this program gives you changed my mindset right away, which decreased my anxiety and gave me a plan of action. This program covers so much. I really enjoyed it, and I continue to implement most aspects of the program. I also love the recipes, and I have some favorites that I make all the time. –Cindy H. October 2023


Nothing I have tried has even come close to Dr. Tara's program, and her knowledge of rosacea is invaluable. I would say go for it, because it has been life changing for me and so many others, not only for my skin but for my mindset and my overall health, too. Everything I was told about rosacea being a lifelong disfiguring "skin" disease was so far from the truth. Your rosacea can be healed by digging deep within you and finding your root cause. Thank you, Dr. Tara. 🙏 Please keep doing what you do and keep changing lives! This whole program was amazing, and I would encourage anyone who’s unsure to give it a go, it really is so worth every penny! –Caitlin L. October 2023


The group alone gives you faith and support that you’re not alone. The advice is invaluable. – Anonymous, October 2023


Your program is the only way to go, because it leads to healing! I’ve totally changed the way I eat! So thankful for it! --Elizabeth K. October 2023


I am blown away by my results. This diet and supplement program completely cleared my skin, and it has never looked better. I use all the Arbonne supplements, and I’ve eaten no gluten, dairy or processed foods for months now. I use so many recipes from the guide. I am going to keep doing this program over and over, and I will never go back to gluten and dairy. I tell all my clients about it. Thank you! I am very happy with all the information and my ongoing results. –Lindsey G. October 2023


Don’t give up or become discouraged, you can beat your rosacea with this program! Your body is crying out to you to listen, and your body can heal itself. The emotional support and the inspirational stories from Dr. Tara made a huge impact on my health. The biggest Thank you! –Sarah H. October 2023

Talking with Dr. Tara was so incredibly helpful. Up until now I never had anyone explain rosacea to me, I was just given prescriptions. After our consultation I began following her suggestions, and I'm seeing progress for the first time in years. Thank you so much. I can't wait to show my new face to the world someday.  -Lisa B.

I recommend this program to someone with acne and/or rosacea. It is one of the best programs out there. I saw results around the fourth week. I really liked this program because it has been the only one where I have seen progress. I had struggled with acne and rosacea for a long time and I finally got to see clear skin.  -Anonymous

Even though we were eliminating certain foods, my relationship with food still felt very healthy. I didn't feel restricted or in an unhealthy place mentally with food, like I have since I first developed rosacea. I didn't realize how important it was to work on all the systems. You are wonderful! Every phone call I had, I felt so comfortable. It was so easy to trust you, because you knew what you were talking about.  -Darlene B.

This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.  So thankful for you both, this has been life changing! I have not only had amazing results with my skin and mental clarity, but I also lost 20 pounds.  -Mallory Y.

I think the program as a whole has influenced my health in a positive way. The demodex guide was very interesting and beneficial for me personally. This topic was something new for me. -Kailey B.

This has been life changing! You are so wonderful, sweet and caring, helping people who know they need help and don’t know where to start. You come in with such knowledge in an easy to understand format, and you supply the tools with the products to help with the healing. It’s all so incredible and amazing. Thank you for all you do to provide insight, knowledge, and the means for people to heal their skin conditions!  -Frani D.

Forever grateful to you for the amount of love, energy, support and knowledge you pour into these programs and helping people like me!  -Mallory L.

The course has taught me so much about changing things holistically — I always thought it was just about skincare! I loved the information about eating organic. I had no idea how many damaging pesticides are in our food. It’s completely changed the way I think about eating and looking after my body. -Holly S.

Great program! It helped me so much I will be forever grateful.  -Noelle F.

A wealth of information and support. -Shelly H.

I’m amazed by how eliminating key things plus the gut health probiotic has helped me in such a short time. It was easy once I got the hang of it. I’m just so happy I found you on Instagram, and I’ve already referred your page to another friend.  -Monica T.

Stop listening to the words "rosacea is incurable" and purchase a course from Dr Tara. She will help you go from feeling so hopeless to regaining control of your health. It won't be a quick fix, but it will truly make a lasting effect on your life. A major bonus to the course is the FB group; it has been so therapeutic to hear about other people's journeys and getting continuous expert answers and opinions from Tara. Also, knowing Tara had rosacea struggles in the past means she TRULY understands what you're going through and empowers you to overcome your own health issues. After listening to conventional dermatologists for years telling me rosacea is just "something I'll have to live with,” this course and following Tara on IG gave me hope. Thank you SO SO MUCH! Also that daily dose of positive, actionable, healing and information on FB and IG has been incredible. Everything was great, especially given the price being so affordable and the info being so invaluable!  -Roisin M.

The transformations I’m seeing are so encouraging. I know my skin is changing, but more than that… I feel good! Even with the sporadic sleep schedule of having a nursing 15-month-old, I find I have tons of energy to get through the day and stay up past the kids' bedtime! - A.R.

I love all the information provided throughout the course. There are simple steps to take, but the “why” behind the action really helped my understanding and commitment to the program. Thank you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’ve always believed our bodies can heal when given the chance, your story has really given me hope for my skin, and all the information is so amazing! It drastically changed how I see feeding my family. We ate healthy before, but I wouldn’t buy organic because of the cost. Now I realize how costly that will be for my children’s health in the future, and I’m buying quality foods.  -Alyssa R.

This program will help you understand the root causes of rosacea and acne, understand your health in a different way, and actually give you the tools, guidance, and support to make changes in your life and your health that are positive! Knowledge is power, and I have learned so much from this program. Having this knowledge is the first step in healing! I feel so fortunate that I stumbled across Dr. Tara and her program. She and the program have changed my life! I was immediately met with kindness, understanding, and given grace. It’s been so encouraging knowing that Dr. Tara herself has been in my shoes for years, and has taken her health into her own hands and has healed! I am now able to start making changes in my own life toward healing. She is always there for advice and support, and truly cares! Thank you so much for everything, I’m so grateful to learn from you, and for the positive impact you and the program have made on my life!  -Annie

The program is an excellent natural way to heal your rosacea. It’s not a quick fix, it takes commitment and time. However, if you do commit to this, you will heal yourself naturally, without the use of medications. Dr.Tara saved my skin, and I will be forever grateful.  -Noelle F.

My rosacea was acne rosacea, it was really strong and my face hurt a lot because I had constant blind pimples. I used to be very hot all the time and constantly sweating, so I didn’t like to drink tea, or be in the sun, and I was very tired most of the time. Now I feel that my inner temperature has balanced, I don’t feel hot all the time, the blind pimples have almost gone. In this one and a half months I’ve had maybe two blind pimples, when before it was a lot! Which was very painful. Now I feel that my skin is not inflamed, that is getting more relax and healthy, I still have some papules and pustules, but every time less and less. I feel that I am on the right track, I have more energy, I feel more positive. Some parts of my face are more clear and the redness is going away as well, so I can say I’ve reversed from acne-rosacea, to type 2 to almost type 1 already, which makes me very happy because it means it’s healing, my whole body it’s healing. Thank you!  -J.C

I’m not wearing foundation on a daily basis anymore, which is the biggest relief. I am seeing continued improvements. I’ve told so many people about your help and I’m so grateful I found you so that I didn’t have to resort to further damage from antibiotic “remedies” or other medications that would have only worsened my gut health. Thank you.  -L.M.

I actually went to the dermatologist today and they loved how good my face is looking. They had 3 doctors and estheticians in there looking at it!  -A.G.

Your guide is worth millions of dollars!!  -K.P.

I’m doing great. The gut cleanse has been so healing and my skin has never looked better. I’ve also lost pounds and inches and it’s given me such a positive outlook. Still taking some baby steps in learning how to change habits, but it has been wonderful.  -F.S.

One week has been completed out of my 30 days, and I am already blown away by the progress of my face and the way my body is already detoxing. My earrings are tarnished and my face no longer hurts. I have been working so HARD on healing my physical and emotional self for the last year. But never found as much helpful information for ME as I’ve found from Dr. Tara. I’m thankful I never gave up on my healing and I can’t wait to see what continued healing comes over the next several months. I have two purposes for this post… one is, if you aren’t seeing the results you want in your healing, keep fighting and don’t give up on learning and applying until you find what works for you. And second, thank you Tara for sharing your knowledge and making it affordable. I appreciate it more than you know.  -K.R.

About two weeks ago my skin finally turned a corner. I still get a bump or two here and there, but they don’t last, but they’re very small and probably not noticeable to most people. My skin looks and feels much better! Although it seemed to take me longer than 90 days to see all the results, I’m glad I stuck with it.  -P.V.

I’ll forever be grateful for meeting you that night. You’ve been a Godsend who really helped me to see and understand my rosacea. You’ve changed my life. I’m no longer on any medication, not even a pill. I’m still continuing every day to heal my body and gut naturally. I don’t use chemicals, and even do this with my kids now. So YES I think you should totally run with your idea cause you’re AMAZING and have helped me so so much. My skin looks amazing now and that’s thanks to you. Xxx  -N.S.

Chatting with you confirmed my thoughts that I might actually have rosacea rather than just normal acne (as doctors kept telling me)! Your website was a really great starting point on how to tackle the root cause, and it inspired me to start on a nutritional plan. Your IG and website were a sign of HOPE for me that we can cure these things, but that it might not be through the usually westernized medical route. Food=medicine. The whole journey has not highlighted to me the importance of healing my body, liver, intestines, and inflammation levels, not just my skin.  -H.T.

I want to say thank you so much for the program! I never feel hungry anymore because I used to be scared of a flare up. My diet has opened up a ton and I feel really healthy and excited learning that there’s so many things I can eat now that are healthy and tasty. I felt good through the entire cleanse and I feel like my skin has definitely improved.  -L.M.

I was feeling the best I had felt in probably the last 3 years. I had so much energy and was finding new foods I loved and felt like the new products were starting to really kick in. I ended up losing around 13 pounds during the month as well, which was completely unexpected and not my goal, but I feel like my body had almost been so inflamed for a while now and I didn’t fully realize until this process. My skin actually got worse around week 2 and I was noticing some increased redness and pustules (seemed like it was purging) then about a week or so those went down. The overall redness did decrease which makes me know I need to continue on this path of healing. I understand it can take a while and I’m not ready to give up because even the progress I saw and how good my body was starting to feel has me feeling excited and positive for the future.  -H.S.

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. I was having a hard time with this condition, and you were a light lending hope. I’m going to keep spreading your website on all these blogs and social media outlets. I think you are completely correct about the gut. I have been diagnosed now with neurogenic rosacea but I believe it still all started in the gut with antibiotics, steroids, etc.  I’ve cleaned up my diet and have figured out some better coping mechanisms. Thank you again for lifting me up!  -B.C.

I am just amazed at how diet just turned things around for the better for (my daughter). You have been a wealth of information to me and your kindness and sincere desire to help is what has been the most helpful. You are a true gem.  -D.L.

It all started with you! Can’t thank you enough for giving me the faith that I can heal!  -K.H.

I think you helped with one of my biggest issues which was the mites. I previously tried horse paste but you helped me to try it again and stick with it which ended up doing so much good for me. My skin ended up improving so much.  -C.C

I love that I am eating more fruit and veggies and that has boosted my metabolism 100%. I feel happier and almost light on my feet. Cut coffee down to one cup a day with unsweetened almond milk and have been drinking roasted dandelion tea when I feel like coffee. So far so good. I noticed my periods this month weren’t as intense. I definitely know this is a good change. The best thing was when my son mentioned on a couple of occasions, “Mum you seem happier.” That on its own encourages me to keep going.  -N.B.

Your website and IG account were both helpful. Talking to you was extremely helpful. You gave me new ideas such as liver detox that helped a lot. My rosacea improved a lot and I know what I need to do. I’m almost done breastfeeding so then I’ll really be able to detox.  -R.F.

I really enjoyed the conversations we had.  I have been using a few creams that are working well.  When I drink coconut milk it makes a huge difference which you helped me with.  The dietary probiotic helped a lot.  I feel long term benefits.  The protein powder is great too.  I would definitely be interested in the lecture series.  And holistic options.  -E.T. 

I’m just glad I found you on Instagram. The tips you gave me and just talking about it was helpful as well. I think it’s the way you spoke about my problem that was helpful, like you were really human and sweet about it… not like those very not helpful dermatologists that just don’t care.  -P.A.

I felt so hopeless and I could not see light at the end of the tunnel. Now I have hope again and I feel more positive about my situation overall! Yes it can definitely heal, I have so so sure others heal! This program is great, I feel like It covers everything! Thank you!  -Anonymous

I feel better. My stomach is not bloated like it was, and it feels like it has healed. My skin is looking better and is nowhere near as hot and irritated as it was. I’m going to continue with this protocol moving forward.  -Maria W.

I feel empowered, now I know what I need to do in order to make positive changes in my life. My rosacea has reduced.  -Jennifer B.

At the start of the program I was feeling hopeless, but now I feel optimistic. Now that I've been doing my part in avoiding problematic foods, I'm confident that my body knows what to do and how to heal.  -Skyla B.

I have definitely noticed improvement, along with having minimal flare ups (redness mainly on cheeks and chin), and all of the acne I had on my forehead and chin has pretty much cleared up. I feel healthier and better than I did a month ago. I thought the program was laid out super well! Heaps of useful information, I love the Facebook group and the instagram!  -Sandro S.

I feel better and more hopeful about my skin. I've seen some positive changes and have a better outlook on long term diet and recipes. Very thoughtful program. I really like all the content and thorough instruction. Great program overall! Would recommend to others struggling with rosacea.  -Katie G.

Very impressed with your method to heal rosacea. If those suffering with rosacea would actually follow your method I am confident they will see improvement in their skin and overall health.  -Brady B.

I feel a lot more informed about food, what is real food and which foods to avoid in order to heal. I also have a better understanding of how all of the layers within our bodies affect one another in determining what we really need to promote healing and detox from all of the exposures. I am also considering rereading all of the material, so it truly sinks in and sticks with me for years and years.  -Erin S.

I feel so much better. Fire truck red to now pink, natural heat and sun does not affect me anymore. Some foods still do, but it leads to a darker pink and no bumps like before. I can think clearly, and I am not bogged down emotionally or spiritually like before. I truly feel like in another few months, I will say goodbye to rosacea!!!!  I will be another example of a person that "HAD" Rosacea!!!  I am so grateful!  -Jay M.

I feel much better and in more control. I've learned how to improve my rosacea by following this program. This was well worth it and would recommend this program to others. Thank you!  -Amy G.

I was definitely a little skeptical about whether it would work for me and whether it would just be another quick fix remedy that doesn't actually fix the issue and costs more money. My skin has not cleared up completely, but it looks and feels much less inflamed than when I started. I also feel much better having cut out gluten and dairy from my diet.  -Jana H.

Didn’t expect my phone call regarding the supplement plan to be from Dr. Tara herself. I agree with all of the rave reviews listed here. She was friendly, attentive, patient and she answered every question I had. If it were an in-person visit, I imagine she has an amazing bedside manner. She was also super encouraging and our conversation got me extra pumped and motivated to start the process.  -Keith S.

I’m so thankful for the wisdom and experience of Dr. Tara! I have struggled with rosacea for the past two years and had lost all hope of healing until I found her program. She took time out of her busy schedule to call and chat with me about my supplements plan and answer any questions I had. She was attentive and caring toward my specific situation, needs and wants. She was not pushy nor did she have an agenda. It seems that she truly wants to help each person she comes in contact with to thrive in their health and gain healing through nutrition in a way that fits best with their budget and specific allergens/sensitivities. I’m excited to start this journey of healing! -Jessica

My meeting with Dr. Tara was incredible. She is very knowledgeable and informative, while being so kind! I am grateful to be having this experience and excited to learn all I can! Thank you!!!  -Annie J.

Dr. O'Desky was thoughtful, listened, and offered solutions that make sense, aiming to deal with the root cause of rosacea rather than just masking the symptoms. It was really refreshing and reassuring to speak to a healthcare professional that's had rosacea themselves and deeply understands the complexity of the disease.  -Amy W.

For the first time in 6 years, I feel like I have been given a clear direction to go in that will actually heal my skin. There's so much guess work that comes along with skin complications and Tara helps to clear all that up. Recommend 1000%.  -Darlene B.

Thrilled with Tara’s wisdom and support over the course of the month-long cleanse process and also in my personalized consultation online with her today. This reset program has given me the tools to sort my skin out once and for all.  Thank you so much, Tara, for your knowledge and support.  - Celeste A.

Dr. O’Desky is warm, supportive, and has helped me tremendously to heal my rosacea.  -Jamison B.

I recommend going to Tara for anyone who has faced doctors who continue to say that there are no solutions for rosacea. Tara considers the individual and all the factors in play. She has developed an easy-to-comprehend solution that gets to the root of the problem. Thank you! -Laura M.

Super helpful! Dr. Tara is very thorough and has real life experience beating rosacea with great insights on ways to heal naturally. I started some of the protocol and am already seeing great results. Looking forward to this healing journey!  -Melody G.

I just had my initial consultation with Dr. O'Desky, and I'm feeling much more confident about curing my rosacea once and for all. She thoroughly reviewed my health history and devised a plan for me to follow. As promised, she has already emailed me the instructions, right after our video appointment. I look forward to working with her further. Highly recommend.  -Kim M.

Very thorough and informative. Knowledgeable on the topics we discussed and answered any questions I had.  -Kristen H.

Dr. Tara is great. I needed someone like her to support me on my journey of healing my rosacea, which is something all the dermatologists I’ve been to never told me was possible. Now thanks to Dr. Tara, I know that rosacea DOES have a cure, and I have the motivation I needed to start my healing process.  -Rutiele M.

I first saw Dr. Tara months ago, and my appointment finally confirmed what I've suspected for a long time. I always would ask my doctors about a gut connection, but they never knew much. I started making the changes she suggested and didn't notice much in my skin at first, but I felt so much healthier overall. Now that it's been a few months, I can really see the progress in the texture and bumps. I still flush occasionally, but much less so now. I'm looking forward to the day when I can say my rosacea is completely gone, and I think that day is coming. THANK YOU!!!!  -Denise M.

Tara is amazing, I felt really comfortable talking with her. I needed extra knowledge and guidance that she provided to me in the first session. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She’s like my gut coach :)  -Celine V.

I usually don't write reviews, but I really thought I had to say what an incredibly eye-opening consultation this was. Ten years of rosacea, and no one has been able to pinpoint what's really going on. It's been two months since I first talked to Dr. O'Desky, and I can say it's the best my skin has looked in years. It goes much beyond diet. She explains things so well, and I have HOPE for the first time. Best money ever spent. Thank you so much, Doctor.  -William

WOW!!! I can't believe how much I DIDN'T know about rosacea. If only my dermatologist knew this much. Thank you, Doctor Tara, for finally helping me.  -Kali


Citrus Fruits

Treatment Options






An in depth 6-week educational program and cleanse protocol with fundamental information regarding the underlying causes of rosacea. 



A guided 30 day cleanse protocol to address the root causes of rosacea and begin the process of healing.  Comes with supplements.

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